Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Sorry I missed yesterday, school's got me all confused. I'm just going to give F because it's really long.

Find yourself helping others
Okay, I'm pretty sure you've heard this said before and even surer that this has been the theme of bunches of Disney movies. Today at this day and age there are millions of ways for you to help starting with who/whatever strikes you as the most in need. I myself feel the need to help people fairly strongly at all times. One of the most striking times is when I'm out driving and I see those poor people sitting lonely and put out on the side of the road. What gets me the most, though, is not their tattered clothing or their signs but the people next to them. I hits me hard to see the people driving their cars trying their best not to look at that poor little man hunched sadly next to their cars.
But then there comes the question, 'What if they're faking and they don't need help?' The way I see it if their faking there is no need for me to say no to all of them because how would I know? To even assume something like 'Oh, maybe their going to use that for drugs.' or even 'They probably have been getting money all day my money won't help.' but mostly 'They should just go to shelters if they really needed help.'
That little old man might not be eligible for a shelter or he might have actually fallen on hard times. So the real question is - Are you going to help or sit there and try your best not to look? 

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